TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion


Beyond Brutal

Tap into a world of high gain riffage Fangs Metal Distortion and it's super versatile set of tone tools that let you sculpt your sonic onslaught to perfection.  From ulta tight thrash tones to thick walls of doom metal distortion you'll find it all here and then some.
Ultra thick high gain distortion tones.
Versatile mid control
True bypass and top mounted I/O

All the gain
Let's face it, you're not here looking for a nice transparent overdrive or a bluesy crunch.  No no no, you want the gain, all the gain and nothing but the gain.  Fangs Metal Distortion delivers that in spades.
Take control of your tone
Seperate bass and treble controls with a 3 way mid frequency selector let's you shape your tone to cut through the mix.

More Info

  • Model: Fangs
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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