TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser


Sling Your Tone Into Orbit

If classic seventies phaser tones make your heart beat faster, brace yourself for a sheer heart attack.  Blood Moon Phaser resurrects the toothsome phaser sounds of yesteryear and transfuses them with a range of modern features.
Vintage style phaser pedal
Classic four stage filter design
True bypass and top mountened I/O
Some of the most iconic riffs and solos from the 1970s featured a phaser.  The all analog circuit in the Blood Moon Phaser beautifully recreats the lush classsic sounds of that era.  Rate, depth and feedback controls let you tune in exactly the effect you want, from soothing whirls to alien invasion, smooth or jagged, feather light or carved in stone Blood Moon will take you there.

More Info

  • Model: Blood Moon
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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