TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus


Time Honoured Modulation

Afterglow Chorus is designed with the vintage aficionado in mind.  It's all analog circuit uses a bucket brigade device to create a wide range of classic modulation tones.
Vintage style chorus pedal
All analog bucket brigade circuit
True bypass and top edge mounting jacks

Take a trip back
From rotary speaker vibes to a full blown eighties chorus sym phony, from jangle pop ro grundge - Afterglow Chorus does it all.  Plug in and send your tone on a journey through rock and roll history.

Call in the Bucket Brigade
Many guitarists have grown to love the distinct tone of Bucket Brigade circuits - and with good reason.  The natural bandlimiting of of this analog component is the secret-sauce found in countless classic rock songs.

More Info

  • Model: Afterglow
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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