Strymon Lex Rotary effects pedal


Born to Revolve

When we decided to create a studio class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable sound of the most sought after rotating speaker system we prepared to study every nuance and finest detail.  The Strymon sound design labs have been filled with those signature, swirling, three dimensional sounds as we painstakingly analyzed and recreated the physics and mechanics behind these systems.

Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary system: the low frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement and all the complex interaction between these elements.  Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed to authentically reproduce these details.

You get eight parameters to tweak allowing extensive control over the tonality and mechanics of the rotating speaker system.  You can manipulate each element, from rotor speed, horn level, acceleration time, microphone distance, tube drive and satuuration to overall level control.

Supplied with power supply
Made in the USA

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Allow 10-14 working days for delivery
  • Model: Lex Rotary
  • Manufacturer: Strymon

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