TC Electronic Corona Chorus


Worlds of Warbly Goodness

Choose your Chorus
Whether you go for the music defining SCF setting or the ultra rich Tri-Chorus you're always ensured expansive tonal options from glassy shimmers to mid boggling swirls of sound.
Corona Chorus has a set of tonecontrols that allow you to craft a wide variety of chorus sound.  The Speed knob lets you dial in anything from slow eighties churusing to fast Leslie like sounds and the Depth knob controls how intense the sound is going to be.  The Tone knob allows you to dial in the chorus exactly as you like it - from dark and vintage to pristine TC shimmer to a sound that really punches through the mix.

Stereo ins & outs
True bypass
Three chorus types

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  • Availability: 1
  • Model: Corona
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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