Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay effects pedal


Dual Digital Delay

DIG unearths the true soul of digital delay and doubles it - two simultaneous integrated delays with the captivating rack delay voices of the 1980s and today.  Early 80s ADM, Mid 80's 12 bit and modern high resolution digital delays, multiply these distint voicings by two and you get DIG, incredible expressive potential.

Effortlessly create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb.  Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options.  Go from syncopated pulsating delay patterns to evocative spaced out echo trails all in a compact pedalboard friendly format.

Additional features:-
Power supply included
Series, parallel and ping pong configurations
Made in the USA.

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Allow 10-14 working days for delivery
  • Model: DIG
  • Manufacturer: Strymon

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