Celestion CF1025C 10" Bass Mid

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Celestion's CF series is their latest, most technologically advanced range of high performance loudspeakers and is to be found in many top speaker brand high end designs.

The CF1025C is typical of the series and offers the following features
A lightweight, robust cast chassis designed to minimise reflection back to the cone to reduce acoustic distortion
Balanced airflow venting to maximise voice coil cooling to control thermal compression and increase power handling
FEA optimised magnet topology ensures even distribution of magnet flux in the air gap.
Twin demodulation rings to minimise electromagnetic distortion.
An edgewound voice coil with high temperature former provides massive power handling and efficient cooling.

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter               10", 254mm
Weight                                 4.9Kg
Magnet assembly                Ferrite, 1.7Kg
Cone material                      Kevlar loaded paper
Voice Coil Diam                   2.5", 64mm
Power Handling                   300W AES - 600W continuous - 1,200W peak
Sensitivity                            99dB
Frequency Range                60-5,000 Hz
XMAX                                  2.5 mm
Qts                                       0.287

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