Celestion CDX1-1447 compression driver

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Celestion have built a reputation for some of the best compression drivers available today with more that 1,00 units sold every day.  The CDX1-1447 is typical of Celestion's expertise in the field, it features a one piece Polyimide diaphragm and surround which features smooth frequency response and incresed power handling.  This driver is suggested for use in 3 way systems or in 2 way designs with 12" or smaller woofers.

General Specifications
Type                      1" throat bolt on mounting
Magnet Type         Ferrite
Voice coil dia.        1.4", 35mm
Crossover point     above 2,200Hz
Power handling     70 Watts
Sensitivity              106dB
Frequency range   1,500-20.000 Hz
Weight                    2.2lb, 1Kg

More Info

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  • Model: CDX1-1447
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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