TC Electronic Hypergravity Compressor


Get a Hold of Your Tone

Hypergravity Compressor is the missing link that will take your tone from good to great.  Featuring three amazing compression modes, a state-of-the-art multi band compressor, a cool vintage compressor and endless compressor combinations through TonePrint.  Hypergravity is the key to getting that much desired Pro tone with even dynamics.
Using TC Electronic's famous MD3 studio grade compression algorithm Hypergravity lets you go from subtle airy shimmers to full on straightjacket tone holds and anywhere in between without compromising your oiriginal tone.
On top of that you get the vintage mode compressor.  You get all the squeeze and squash you could ever want along with the extra presence of the classic stompbox compressors we all know and love.
  • Studio quality multiband compressor
  • TonePrint enabled
  • Vintage mode
  • Sustain, level, attack and blend controls
  • True btpass

More Info

  • Model: Hypergravity
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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