Strymon OB.1 Compressor and Boost effects pedal


Your Main Squeeze

OB.1 combines studio quality, beautifully transparent analog optical compression with a Clean Boost with EQ curves designed to super-charge your favorite amp and reveal its true character. Featuring an all-analog signal path with premium components throughout, a high-impedance input, and very low noise circuitry, OB.1 is perfect for the number one spot in your signal chain. It’s the missing piece you’ve been searching for.

Place OB.1 first in your signal chain and bring your amp to life.  Try the treble boost with humbuckers for biting solos or the mid boost to fatten up single coils or set OB.1 flat for a full frequency boost.

Power supply NOT included.

Additional features:-
Greater than 20dB of gain compensated compression
Additional 10dB of full frequency, midf or treble boost available with "clean boost" engaged.
True Bypass
Made in the USA.

More Info

Allow 10-14 working days for delivery
  • Model: OB.1
  • Manufacturer: Strymon

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