Celestion Century Vintage guitar speaker, 8 Ohms


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In developing the G12 Century Vintage we set out to use our Neodymium technology to design a modern speaker with a distinctly classic vibe. The result is a unique blend of extraordinary note definition and vintage character.  Exceptionally lightweight and loud, with a tightly controlled low-end, the Century Vintage exhibits a clear, powerful mid-range and crisp, bright top- end. With super-fast attack and superb tracking, this neodymium guitar speaker is ideal for use in amps favoured by high-speed guitar players - both high gain rockers and clean country pickers.

Nominal diameter       12", 305mm
Power rating                 60W RMS
Impedance                   8 Ohms
Sensitivity                     98dB
Voice coil diameter       1.75", 44.5mm
Magnet type                  Neodymium
Frequency range           75-5000Hz
Resonance frequency   70 Hz
Unit weight                    3.7lb, 1.7kg

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  • Availability: 1
  • Model: Century Vintage, 8 Ohm
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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