Celestion Alnico Blue guitar speaker, 15 Ohm

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This is the speaker that started it all many years ago and still has that sought after tone today more than 60 years later. Originally known as the G12T530 it was available in several colours but it was the Blue version fitted to the Vox AC 30 that secured it's place in history.  The Blue has found favour with so many notable guitarists over the years thanks to it’s glorious dampened attack, warm lows, mellow upper mids and brilliant bell like top-end. 

Nominal dia.        12 inch, 305 mm
Power rating        15 Watt RMS
Impedance           15 Ohm
Sensitivity            100 dB
Frequency range  75-5,000 Hz
Voice coil dia.       1.75", 44.5 mm
Magnet Type        Alnico
Unit Weight          9.3 lb, 4.2 Kg

UK Manufacture

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  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Model: Alnico Blue 15 ohm
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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