TC Electronic BG250-210 Bass Combo


Compact, powerful and rich with features

All of our BG250 combos share the same fundamental tone yet they also sound unique.  Subtle details and the fact that you can customise the amps with TonePrint effects and settings makes sure you will always be able to get the sound you are looking for.
Ultra light, Ultra powerful
Two TonePrint slots
Intelligent tone shaping tools
Built in tuner for 4, 5 and 6 string basses

BG250-110 gives you the power and tone to cut through and be heard.  Warm, powerful and fat with percussive punch whilst never loosing the mids and tops for a modern and crisp tonal performance.

Power     250W
Weight    20Kg
3 way Intelligent EQ section
2 x 10" speaker plus tweeter
TonePrint enabled
  • Model: BG250-210
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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