C-Ducer CQM/8 Contact Microphone System


The C-ducer CQM/ 8 system consists of 1 x 8 inch contact condenser microphones complete with a phantom powered pre-amp.  This is supplied in a plastic storage case with rolls of special double sided mounting tape.

Ideally suited to larger acoustic instruments such as Double Bass, Cello and Acoustic bass guitar as well as Latin and African drums.

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Output Impedance   600 Ohms  

Output Type   XLR type balanced  

Frequency Response  25Hz to 50KHz

Output voltage (max)   1.5V  

S/N ratio   85 dB(A)  

Distortion   Less than 0.05%  

Power   DIN 45596 48V Phantom

  • Availability: 1
  • Model: CQM/8
  • Manufacturer: C-Ducer

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