Celestion BL10-100X bass guitar speaker

Although this is Celestion's entry level bass speaker it is designed and built to maximise performance at a surprisingly inexpensive price point.  Ideal for building your own cab, or for replacing those mediocre speakers supplied with most entry level famous brand cabs, the BL10-100X is sure to impress.  Suitable for use in single cabs, 2 x 10s, 4 x 10s and even 8 x 10 monsters.

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter         10", 254mm
Power Rating                 100 Watts
Sensitivity                       94 dB
Magnet Type                  Ferrite
Voice Coil Dia.                1.5", 38.1mm
Frequency Range           45-3,500 Hz
Unit Weight                     5.3 lb, 2.4 Kg

More Info

  • Availability: 1
  • Model: BL10-100X
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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