Celestion NTR06-1705D 6.5" bass/mid

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The Celestion NTR06-1705D is a 6.5 inch high quality bass/mid driver with extended bass response ideally suited to compact 2 way systems and features the following design highlights:
A lightweight, powerful Neodymium magnet assembly
A cast aluminium chassis designed to minimise reflections back onto the cone.
Intelligent heat management with airflow venting
A kevlar loaded cone with a half roll elastomer surround for reduced distortion at maximum excursion.
A high temperature voice coil with Polyimide former for increased power handling.

General specifications
Nominal Diameter           8", 200mm
Magnet Type                   Ferrite
Voice coil dia.                  2", 50mm
Power handling               150W AES, 300W continuous, 600W peak
Sensitivity                        90dB
Frequency range             70-7,000Hz
XMAX                              4.5mm
Qts                                  0.423      

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  • Model: NTR06-1705D
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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