Celestion G12M Greenback guitar speaker, 16 Ohm

The G12M Greenback has evolved over the decades but still retains its essential, sought- after tone.  Angus Young has been a Greenback devotee since the early days of AC/DC. This model is voiced with additional broad mid-range attack and restrained top-end to give a forward, punchy attitude to chords and a searing lead tone without fizz. With its well-controlled low-end it can be used singly in low-powered combos, or in multiples for high-power rock amp heads and cabs. It's an ideal speaker to bring drive and definition to modern high gain amps.

General Specifications
Nominal diameter 12", 305mm
Power rating 25Wrms
Nominal impedance 16Ω
Sensitivity 98dB
Voice coil diameter 1.75", 44.5mm
Magnet type Ceramic
Magnet weight 35oz, 0.99kg
Frequency range 75-5000Hz
Resonance frequency 75Hz
Unit weight 7.9lb, 3.6kg

More Info

  • Availability: 3
  • Model: G12M Greenback 16 Ohm
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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