TC Electronic Sky Surfer Reverb


Ride the Verb Wave

Sky Surfer Reverb is the one stop solution to all of your basic reverb needs.  Whether you want to dive into deep splashy oceans or ride the ambient airways above Skysurfer's three high quality reverb algorithms lets you do it.

Studio quality reverb pedal
Three versatile reverb modes - spring plate and hall.
True bypass and top mountened I/O

A lot of budget friendly reverb pedals simply destroy your core tone when the effect is on.  Skysurfer doesn't.  Built on a superb studio quality algorithm Skysurfer will give you all the lush and transparent reverb sounds you could ever want without compromising your original tone.

Skysurfer sports three versatile reverb algorithms that'll add just the right amount of colour and space around your notes.

More Info

  • Model: Sky Surfer
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

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