Celestion TF0818MR 8" Mid Range

The Celestion TF0818MR is a dedicated mid range driver for use in large, high power, 3 way systems.  It has the following highlights:
High effeciency and power handling.
A closed back chassis which simplifies system design as the mid range does not need a seperate enclosure.
A high temperature copper voice coil with polyamide former for increased power handling.
150W EIA power handling

General specifications
Nominal Diameter           8", 203mm
Magnet Type                   Ferrite
Magnet weight                .57Kg
Voice coil dia.                  1.75", 45mm
Power handling               100W AES, 200W continuous, 400W peak
Sensitivity                        99dB
Frequency range             800-5,000Hz
Fs                                    450Hz
Weight                              1.9Kg       

More Info

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery 

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  • Model: TF0818MR
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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