Celestion Rocket 50 guitar speaker, 16 Ohm

Celestion's entry level 12" guitar speaker will surprise you with it's great value, tonal quality and high power capability.  Equally suited to single speaker, dual speaker or 4 x 12 cabs this is the ideal replacement speaker for damaged generic speakers in lower priced cabs and combos.  It is also a great upgrade to breathe new life into entry level cabs.

Nominal diameter       12", 305mm
Power rating                 50W RMS
Impedance                   16 Ohms
Sensitivity                     95dB
Voice coil diameter       1.5", 38.1mm
Magnet type                  Ceramic
Magnet weight              17oz, 0.48kg
Frequency range           85-5000Hz
Resonance frequency   90 Hz
Unit weight                    4.4lb, 2kg

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  • Availability: 2
  • Model: Rocket 50 16 Ohm
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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