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  • Danelectro FAB Fuzz pedal (D7)
    With the D-7 FAB Fuzz you've got access to fuzz tones from vintage to modern. Simple Volume, Fuzz, and Tone controls make it easy to find the fuzz you're feelin'!
    Unbeatable fuzz effects at a steal of a price!

    A fuzz that sounds this good shouldn't be this cheap, but it is.  Don't miss out, grab yours now.
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  • TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive (Cinders)

    Smoking hot tones

    Cinders Overdrive is the perfect tool for blues shredders and retro rockers.  It's all analog circuit convincingly recreates the warm harmonic distortion associated with hard pressed tube amps.
    Transparent tube-like overdrive
    Super wide gain range
    True bypass

    The warm sound of tubes
    If you love the sound of a hardworking tube amp you're going to love Cinders Overdrive.  Even at bedroom levels you will be able to get the warm tube sound you've been looking for.
    Some overdrives bring a cloudiness to chords.  But Cinders Overdrive doesn't, your playing just won't get lost in the mix.

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  • TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz (Rusty Fuzz)

    Fuzztastic Tones

    Rusty Fuzz delivers theose vintage silicon based fuzz tones of yesteryear that we've all come to know and love but without the price tag of vintage gear.  From silky smooth sustain to ripping velcro-fuzz tones it's all there.
    Siliocon based transistor circuit
    Vintage gated and velcro fuzz tones
    True bypass and top mointed I/O

    Welcome to Silicon Valley
    Rusty Fuzz is inspired by the legendary silicon Fuzz Face circuits that hepled shape the sound of rock as we know it.

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  • TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion (Fangs)

    Beyond Brutal

    Tap into a world of high gain riffage Fangs Metal Distortion and it's super versatile set of tone tools that let you sculpt your sonic onslaught to perfection.  From ulta tight thrash tones to thick walls of doom metal distortion you'll find it all here and then some.
    Ultra thick high gain distortion tones.
    Versatile mid control
    True bypass and top mounted I/O

    All the gain
    Let's face it, you're not here looking for a nice transparent overdrive or a bluesy crunch.  No no no, you want the gain, all the gain and nothing but the gain.  Fangs Metal Distortion delivers that in spades.
    Take control of your tone
    Seperate bass and treble controls with a 3 way mid frequency selector let's you shape your tone to cut through the mix.

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  • Hotone Komp Compressor (Hotone Komp)

    Komp Compressor

    • Inspired by the legendary LA2A™ photoelectric compressor • Circuit optimized for electric guitar • Enhances a huge range of playing styles • Round, smooth, and frankly luscious compression retains musicality and your original guitar tone. • True bypass • Internally lit big knob • noctilucent control knobs • 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)! • 190g weight

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  • TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster (Spark Mini)

    Small Sparks Start Big Fires

    Rooted in tradition, aimed at rebellion
    Kick your playing into high gear with Spark Mini Booster, a stompbox-wonder for the initiated that features a completely clean boost with some serious tone enhancement under the hood once you really start cranking things. 
    • A whopping 20 dB of boost
    • Revolutionary PrimeTime™ switching
    • Discrete Analog Circuit
    • True bypass

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  • TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion (Dark Matter)

    Ode To Distortion

    Dark Matter is the kind of pedal that you wanna go play for half an hour and end up spending half a day with. It's musical, covers a super-wide range of sounds but stays true to its base, an all analog-drive circuit that reminisces plexi sounds with both a classic and modern edge. Dark Matter delivers in spades thanks to a very low compression and a lively response that reacts to your playing at every turn.

    Vintage-voiced distortion with extreme dynamic range
    2 band EQ
    Voicing switch

    Kicking Things Old Skool
    Hard to imagine now, but there was a time before digital. If you think about it, many of the best distortion sounds stem from that era. Why? Well, it's the analog circuits, they sound great and got a little more to give when you really punish them - it simply sounds more real, fuller and better. That's the sound we love: dangerous, on the edge yet thoroughly musical. The sound that begs you to play harder, louder, faster and more.

    Set for Tone
    Distortion is great, but control is key. No one wants the ice-pick to the ears or a mushy bass-laden goo. Dark Matter delivers  with a bass- and treble knob, perfect for dialing in sounds precisely and lightning fast.

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  • Hotone Golden Touch Overdrive (Hotone Golden Touch)

    Golden Touch

    Recreates the classic, iconic overdriven sound of a tube amp: warm, natural, sweet sound character with great dynamic response. • Remarkable dynamic expression • WARM button gives richer creamier tone and extra gain • True bypass • Internally lit big knob • noctilucent control knobs • 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)! • 190g weight

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  • Hotone DJENT High Gain Distortion (Hotone DJENT)

    DJENT High Gain Distortion

    • Wide-ranging mid and gain controls, tight low end and great definition; ideal for raw crunch, classic heavy metal,  modern prog. metal and heavy core • 3-way mini toggle switch flips through 3 finely tuned sound characters: classic neutral/aggressive low end + treble boots/smoother, warmer tones • Independent control of dist. gain, outut vol, midrange • Weight: 190 g • True bypass • Internally lit big knob • noctilucent control knobs • 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)! • 190g weight

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  • TC Electronic Spark Booster (Spark)

    Ignite Your Playing

    Kick your playing into high gear with Spark Booster, a pedal rocking a completely clean boost and heaps of extra features for a world of tone.
    • A whopping 26 dB of boost
    • Gain knob for added grit and dirt
    • Active EQ and toggle switch for precise tonal shaping
    • True bypass

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  • Hotone Xtomp Multi Effects (Hotone Xtomp)

    A Portal to Infinity

    The Hotone Xtomp is an ultra thin effects simulation pedal with an ever growing library of over 300 pedals including modern cutting edge devices and classic vintage pedals that you just can't find anymore.  The free downloadable app for Android or IOS allows you to download almost any effect you can think of.  Over 10 years of R&D has finally culminated in Hotone's new Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM) technology, there has never been anything like this in tone modeling before.  Unlike other modeling systems which use the same modeling circuit regardless of the signal CDCM allows for larger, more complex, algorithms thereby providing more realistic tones.

    At any given time Xtomp is always the one pedal you need.


    Controls: 6 knobs, 1 On/Off footswitch
    Audio Jacks: Left in (mono), Right in, Left out (mono), Right out
    Bypass Mode: Left channel – Relay True Bypass & Analog Buffer
    Bypass, Right channel – Analog Buffer Bypass
    Input Impedance: 1M ohms
    Output Impedance: 100 ohms
    Audio Frequency Response: 5Hz~21kHz
    S/N Ratio: 114dB
    Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
    Current Consumption: Max.200mA
    Dimensions: 126mm(D) x 73mm(W) x 35mm(H)
    Weight: 472g

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  • Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime Fuzz/Octave Pedal (Octo Puss)

    Octo Puss Prime

    A unique fuzz and octave up pedal that combines vintage and modern parts for an unrivaled tone.  Handbuilt to order in the UK Octo Puss Prime provides far better frequency response and accurate tracking than any other analog octave pedal available.  The octave circuit is placed before the fuzz section ensuring strong bass response and treble that is never harsh.

    The gain control adjusts the amount of distortions with a seperate volume control to set the output level.
    Buffered bypass on/off footswitch
    Side mounted jacks and top mounted DC socket
    Works well connected in any position in the signal chain

    Power supp[ly NOT included
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  • Strymon OB.1 Compressor & Boost (OB.1)

    Your Main Squeeze

    OB.1 combines studio quality, beautifully transparent analog optical compression with a Clean Boost with EQ curves designed to super-charge your favorite amp and reveal its true character. Featuring an all-analog signal path with premium components throughout, a high-impedance input, and very low noise circuitry, OB.1 is perfect for the number one spot in your signal chain. It’s the missing piece you’ve been searching for.

    Place OB.1 first in your signal chain and bring your amp to life.  Try the treble boost with humbuckers for biting solos or the mid boost to fatten up single coils or set OB.1 flat for a full frequency boost.

    Power supply NOT included.

    Additional features:-
    Greater than 20dB of gain compensated compression
    Additional 10dB of full frequency, midf or treble boost available with "clean boost" engaged.
    True Bypass
    Made in the USA.

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  • Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive (Riverside)

    A new world of drive

    The Riverside multistage drive is the culmination of a thorough analysis of numerous analog and vacuum tube circuits plus a new approach to the world of drive sounds.

    Riverside's cascading gain stages create harmonically rich tones that are immensly musical and natural-from silky clean overdrive to colossal distortion and all points in between.  The analog front end responds to your guitar with uncompromised dynamics and feel.  Three band EQ, drive and gain controls and a three position presence switch plus precision crafted DSP takes your amp to places you never knew it could go.

    Supplied with power supply
    Made in the USA

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  • Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive (Sunset)

    Classic Overdrive Sound,   x 2

    Sunset gives you the best of the classic overdrive circuits custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones.  Sunset is really two customizable overdrives, independantly selectable and flexibly routable, designed and voiced for complementary tones when stacked.  Six distinct circuits each feel and react differently in your hands, two at once, all in one convenient package.

    Push your amp any way you want, from transparent "more amp" to heavy saturated fuzz and all the great places in between.

    Sunset IS the Holy Grail Tone, without the quest.

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  • Strymon DECO Tape Saturation and Doubletracker effects pedal (DECO)

    Tape: The First Effect

    Our journey begins with the early recording studios of the 50s and 60s.  The introduction of the first reel-to-reel machines and the skills of the innovative engineers who used them brought on some of the fattest sounds imaginable.

    Deco brings this original inspiration back giving you these vintage tape effects without the huge, heavy and mainternace intensive tape machine.  Tape sauturation smooths out your sound with delicious and familiar tape compression and saturation while fattening it with subtle tape-driven transparent overdrive.  Deco's Doubletracker provides the power to shift your sound in many ways, easily allowing you to achieve syrupy slapback tape echoes and tape flanging and chorusing sounds.

    True bypass
    Comprehensive controls
    Power supply included
    Made in the USA

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