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  • TC Electronic Sky Surfer Reverb (Sky Surfer)

    Ride the Verb Wave

    Sky Surfer Reverb is the one stop solution to all of your basic reverb needs.  Whether you want to dive into deep splashy oceans or ride the ambient airways above Skysurfer's three high quality reverb algorithms lets you do it.

    Studio quality reverb pedal
    Three versatile reverb modes - spring plate and hall.
    True bypass and top mountened I/O

    A lot of budget friendly reverb pedals simply destroy your core tone when the effect is on.  Skysurfer doesn't.  Built on a superb studio quality algorithm Skysurfer will give you all the lush and transparent reverb sounds you could ever want without compromising your original tone.

    Skysurfer sports three versatile reverb algorithms that'll add just the right amount of colour and space around your notes.

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  • Hotone Eko Digital/Analog Delay Pedal (Hotone EKO)

    EKO Delay

    The Hotone EKO pedal is a digital delay stompbox with a direct analog signal path that achieves that classic, natural echo tone.
    The sound is pure, rich, and warm, and you can press the MOD button to get a deeper spacey feeling.
    Maximum delay time is approximately 500ms.
    Pure, warm, and natural echo tone--an excellent ambience maker.
    Digital Delay Line assures enough delay time and a pure signal path.
    Elaborate analog circuit makes the sound closer to a classic echo tone.
    Additional MOD push-button gives you even more space!


    ✪ True Bypass Footswitch
    ✪ Transparent top knob and 2 noctilucent small knobs
    ✪ Cool LED lights
    ✪ Current Consumption: Max 60 mA
    ✪ Maximum Delaytime: 500 ms
    ✪ Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
    ✪ Weight: 190 g

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  • Hotone Verb Reverb Pedal (Hotone Verb)

    Verb Reverb

    • Digital reverb for guitar and bass • Simulates enviroments from small rooms to large halls • "Shim" button adds shimmering, rich, harmonic overtones • Independent control of reverb time, mix and reverb EQ  • Internally lit big knob • noctilucent control knobs • 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)! • 190g weight

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  • Hotone Wally Looper (Hotone Wally)

    Wally Looper

    • The easiest looper yet devised • 15 minutes record time! • Separate record AND output level controls • Tempo variation • Undo/redo • Unlimited overdubs • Recording saved when powered down • Internally lit big knob • noctilucent control knobs • 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)! • 190g weight

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  • TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay (Flashback Mini Delay)

    Essentially Flashback

    TC have taken all that you know and love about our TC Electronic delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. There's more magic per square inch In Flashback Mini Delay than you'd find in a Smurf. The industry standard, most revered TC Electronic delay tones, plus TonePrint - the greatest innovation to guitar since guitar strings!

    Tone Print Enabled
    True bypass

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  • TC Electronic Ditto Looper (Ditto Looper)

    Mindblowingly Simple, Simply Mindblowing

    Ditto Looper is the looper you try once and love for life. And you simply gotta try it. We've taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn't break the bank.

    • Designed by guitarists, for guitarists
    • Super intuitive
    • Great sound

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  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb (Hall of Fame Mini Reverb)

    Space. The Final Frontier

    Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if e could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What? You'd be partying on for days? Well break out the confetti, because it's here!   
    • Room for choice - all of TC's best reverbs available via TonePrint
    • TonePrint Enabled
    • Ultra-small footprint

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  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb 2 (Hall of Fame 2)

    Reverb Rewritten

    The new Hall of Fame 2 covers everything the original did and packs in 3 new features.
    The revolutionary MASH technology adds the rich and fluid articulation of an expression pedal to you reverb effects in the same compact stompbox that you know and love.
    On top of that we carefully designed a crystalline Shimmer reverb that you can control with MASH for spine tingling performance in real time.
    • 8 different reverb types
    • 3 Tone Print slots
    • Stereo I/O
    • Intuitive yet deep tonal options
    • True bypass

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  • TC HELICON Ditto Mic Looper (Ditto Mic Looper)

    Mic it,  Loop it

    Go from idea to performance in an instant, with ease.  One knob, two buttons - it couldn't be easier!  With it's superior audio quality, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo Ditto Mic Looper is the essential choice for looping vocals and instruments. 
    Pure looping with unlimited overdubs
    Easy setup with intelligent mic gain
    Phantom power
    Balanced XLR out

    Ditto Looper - Instant layered masterpieces.

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  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper (Flashback)

    Built on the Shoulders of a Giant

    Flashback is a modern twist on the know-how and legacy of TC Electronic's legendary 2290 delay, featuring 7 seconds of delay and a cherry-picked selection of the very best delay sounds out there .  From amazing reproductions of tape and analog echoes to a dedicated 2290 setting Flashback is the complete package
    • 11 delay types
    • Audio tapping
    • Built-in 40 second looper
    • 7 second delay
    • Stereo in/out

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  • TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper (Ditto X2 Looper)

    Loops and Bounds Ahead

    The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple, made for guitarists and sounded great. What would possibly be better? Well, how about all of that, plus new, next level looping features forged from pure awesome?
    • Dedicated start/stop button
    • Stop, reverse and half speed
    • Loop import/export and backing tracks.

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  • Hotone Xtomp Multi Effects (Hotone Choir)

    A Portal to Infinity

    The Hotone Xtomp is an ultra thin effects simulation pedal with an ever growing library of over 300 pedals including modern cutting edge devices and classic vintage pedals that you just can't find anymore.  The free downloadable app for Android or IOS allows you to download almost any effect you can think of.  Over 10 years of R&D has finally culminated in Hotone's new Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM) technology, there has never been anything like this in tone modeling before.  Unlike other modeling systems which use the same modeling circuit regardless of the signal CDCM allows for larger, more complex, algorithms thereby providing more realistic tones.

    At any given time Xtomp is always the one pedal you need.


    Controls: 6 knobs, 1 On/Off footswitch
    Audio Jacks: Left in (mono), Right in, Left out (mono), Right out
    Bypass Mode: Left channel – Relay True Bypass & Analog Buffer
    Bypass, Right channel – Analog Buffer Bypass
    Input Impedance: 1M ohms
    Output Impedance: 100 ohms
    Audio Frequency Response: 5Hz~21kHz
    S/N Ratio: 114dB
    Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
    Current Consumption: Max.200mA
    Dimensions: 126mm(D) x 73mm(W) x 35mm(H)
    Weight: 472g

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  • Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay (Brigadier)

    Destroy the Analog/Digital Divide

    Brigadier gives you all of the tone and none of the noise of regular old bucket brigade chips.  UNLESS of course you choose to add it back with our exclusive bucket loss control.  Go from warm and clean repeats all the way to noisy saturated delays.  Couple that with dedicated modulation and filter controls, tap tempo and assignable expression pedal input and you have yourself a versatile delay powerhouse.  Oh, and don't forget our true analog bypass feature.

    Supplied with power supply
    Made in the USA

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  • Strymon blueSky Reverberator (blueSky)

    Prepare for reverb bliss

    Whether you are a classic spring reverb fan or a studio rack aficionado you'll find your Mojo here.  blueSky provides three different reverb types, each with three modes, for a total of nine completely unique reverb experiences. blueSky even delivers an extremely versatile plate reverb, a rarity for a stompbox pedal.  A full pre-delay and damping section provide deep reverb tone shaping.  Add the Mod and Shimmer modes and you're in store for unending reverb bliss.

    Crafted with love in the USA
    Supplied complete with power supply
    Premium analogue front end and output sections.
    True bypass.

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  • Strymon Flint Tremelo & Reverb (FLINT)

    A Perfect Gentleman

    The Magical combination of tremelo and reverb is the earliest example of a perfect guitar effects marriage.  First pioneered within historic amplifiers of the 1960s this harmonious coexistence has made it's way onto countless records and performances over the years.  There are certain things in life that just belong together-the blend of tremelo and reverb create the perfect pair.

    Flint gives you soothing, pusating and hypnotic effects that were pioneered in vintage amplifier tremelo circuits along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms.  You get the sonically complex "61 Harmonic Tremelo", the swampy and sultry "63 Power Tube Tremelo" and the sharp and balanced "65 Photocell Tremelo".  You also get the "60s Classic Springtank Reverb", the inventive "70s Electronic Plate Reverb" and the nostalgic "80s Hall Rack Reverb."

    With eight Parameters to tweak you get extensive control over the reverb and tremelo characteristics.  Go from splashy, pulsing twang to throbbing, swampy blues all the way to ambient, trembling and serene reverberated pads.  Couple that with true bypass and a high quality analog front end and output section and you have yourself the history of tremelo and reverb in a pedal-board friendly format.

    Supplied with power supply.
    Made in the USA

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  • Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay (DIG)

    Dual Digital Delay

    DIG unearths the true soul of digital delay and doubles it - two simultaneous integrated delays with the captivating rack delay voices of the 1980s and today.  Early 80s ADM, Mid 80's 12 bit and modern high resolution digital delays, multiply these distint voicings by two and you get DIG, incredible expressive potential.

    Effortlessly create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb.  Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options.  Go from syncopated pulsating delay patterns to evocative spaced out echo trails all in a compact pedalboard friendly format.

    Additional features:-
    Power supply included
    Series, parallel and ping pong configurations
    Made in the USA.

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  • Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo (ELCAPISTAN)

    Magnetic Monster

    El Capistan provides three different tape machine types into one, each with three unique modes.  With ten parameters to tweak you get extensive control over tape quality, machine health and tone shaping.  Go from the sound of a pristine, studio quality tape machine to the heavily fluctuating sound of a machine in need of service.  Get the full bodied sound of fresh tape all the way to the gnarled qualities of worn out tape.  Because it's DSP driven you get a range of tape experiences unattainable with a traditional tape machine,  All of this with out the headaches of tape machine maintenance and repair!

    Power supply included
    Made in the USA

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  • Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb (BigSky)

    Go where no reverb has gone before

    Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs.  Hear the floating particles of the Cloud Machine.  Defy the laws of physics with the Nonlinear reverbs.  Unleash the multi-head reverberations of the Magneto machine.  BigSky gives you the following twelve studio class reverb machines:-.
    Hall - Plate - Spring - Swell - Bloom - Cloud - Charale - Shimmer - Magneto - Non linear - Reflections - Room
    each with simple yet powerful controls.
    Additional features include:-
    300 easily accessible and nameable presets
    seven front panel control knobs.
    additional menu parameters
    selectable speaker cabint emulation
    and much much more.

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  • Strymon Timeline Multidimensional Delay (TIMELINE)

    Explore your Creativity

    Timeline provides you with twelve unique delay machines each with extensive control over sonic character and feel.  Go from crisp and clear studio-quality digital delays all the way to the saturated and fluctuating sounds of tape delay machines.  Get warm and fuzzy analog style repeats all the way to shimmery, spakling and crystaline ice delays.

    Tweak to your hearts content and save up to 200 presets of your favorite sounds.  Top it all off with full MIDI implementation and a routable 30 second stereo looper and you're on your way to delay bliss.

    Supplied with power supply
    Built tough in the USA to last a lifetime.

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